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    Looking For Thoughts

    I've put together my vision of how I could help heal individuals through the this life journey on this little rock we call home. I am looking for your thoughts and suggestions that could help improve what I am trying to achieve The community: https://community.humanastory.com/ The website: https://www.humanastory.com The shows: https://www.humanastory.com/listen-live.html Our Mission: https://community.humanastory.com/articles.html/news-and-updates/why-humanastory-r2/ How people submit their stories to us: https://community.humanastory.com/articles.html/news-and-updates/submitting-your-story-r1/ I chose to do this after having had cancer twice, had to stop being a paramedic because of health issues and life's rough waters almost capsizing my little boat in life. I wanted to be able to help people through the power of 'people helping people.' and do it in a positive fashion. I'm looking for your honesty and thoughts.
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    Change Clubs Name

    This is from Mathilda..
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    Walking Dead Creator Teases That Judith May Takeover If Rick Dies

    Sed eu nibh facilisis, auctor diam accumsan, vestibulum sapien. Vivamus commodo lacinia eros, id lacinia elit gravida quis. Donec id tortor porttitor, congue tellus vel, porta ligula. Duis aliquet nisi dui, ac tempor velit ultricies a. In fringilla metus mi, quis vestibulum nisi gravida nec. Duis at felis ligula. Pellentesque quis augue vel mauris imperdiet eleifend nec a enim. Nam nec lacinia neque.
  4. Amazon has announced that starting tomorrow, February 7th, the company is removing the lock screen ads from its discounted Prime Exclusive Phone program. New devices will no longer come with the ads, and there will be a software update that will remove them from customers’ existing devices as well. According to Amazon, the company is removing the ads to better facilitate the use of fast unlocking technologies like facial recognition and fingerprint sensors (which were already making the lock screen somewhat obsolete). Customers will also now be able to customize the lock screen wallpaper on their Prime Exclusive phones, something that was previously blocked in order to save that space for advertisements. The program first launched back in 2016 with the Motorola Moto G and the BLU R1 HD, both of which featured the lock screen ads. Like Amazon’s Kindle devices, users could opt out from the ads with an additional payment, although it varied from device to device. Since then, the program has expanded to include more devices from other manufacturers, including more premium devices from LG. The net result is that the Prime Exclusive Phone program is a better deal than ever now. Amazon will continue to offer the phones for Prime members at discounted prices, without the annoying ads and offers clogging up your lock screen. The lack of ads will come at a cost through, with Phonescooper reporting that Amazon will be raising the cost of all Prime Exclusive phones by $20 starting tomorrow to go with the ad-free lock screen update. Now, the only sacrifice users have to make for the discount will be Amazon’s preinstalled apps (which can’t be uninstalled) for things like Prime Video and Prime Music, and an Amazon Widget (which will still display ads and offers). Update February 6th, 1:05pm: Added additional details about Amazon raising prices on Prime Exclusive phones and clarified the ability to remove ads prior to the update.
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    I really like this top posts!
  6. Police are appealing for witnesses following Britain's first "Bitcoin heist," in which a trader was held at gunpoint and ordered to transfer the cryptocurrency. A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police told Mashable that police are investigating the "aggravated burglary" which took place in a residential property in Moulsford, Oxfordshire, on 22 Jan. "Officers were called at about 9.40am to a report that offenders had entered a residential property off Reading Road and threatened the occupants. No one was seriously injured during the incident," the spokesperson said. The Mail on Sunday spoke to residents of the village who were in a state shock: "For something like this to happen here is terrifying," one villager said. "It’s a very quiet place and, although there is a lot of money round here, a digital currency heist is the last thing anyone would expect – particularly during the school run." According to the Mail, a group of armed thieves broke into a house in the village and "forced a cyber-currency trader to transfer" funds in Bitcoin via his computer. The quantity transferred is not known. Mashable senior editor and cryptocurrency expert Stan Schroeder says this incident highlights potential problems that could arise with a cryptocurrency-fuelled future. "Doing your own banking on a decentralised, tamper-proof ledger is great if you want to circumvent banks, but on the other hand it’s easier to rob a physical person than a bank, especially if all their money is protected by a blockchain private key, which is typically a string of letters and numbers," says Schroeder. "It’s possible that our decentralised, blockchain future will also include very centralised methods to protect one’s assets — i.e. institutions which can guard them with guns and manpower," he continues. No arrests have been made but "initial enquiries suggest this may be a targeted incident," said police. Police have appealed for anyone travelling through the village on the morning of 22 Jan. to send them their Dashcam or mobile phone footage. Anyone with information can call Thames Valley Police on the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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